And ta-da!

And ta-da!

Produced as part of the 2012 Capital Fringe Festival; Winner: 2012 Capital Fringe Audience Choice Award for Best Drama; remounted by Forum Theatre in January 2013

Tiresias 7

William Aitken, Chris Stinson, and Melissa Hmelnicky in the 2013 Forum production

Before he became the blind seer tasked with bearing other people’s bad news, Tiresias lived an epic tale all his own. After an affair with a priestess of Hera ends in disaster, turning him into a fugitive, he thinks he understands the meaning of tragedy. But when Hera catches up with him, and curses him to live life as a woman, he discovers he doesn’t know the first thing about sacrifice. A reimagining of ancient myth, WE TIRESIAS tells the story of one soul trying to escape the whims of the gods.

Character Breakdown: (2 men, 1 woman)

BOY: Tiresias as an adolescent

WOMAN: Tiresias as a woman

OLD MAN: Tiresias as an old, blind man

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