The Last Burlesque


Darcy spent her childhood roaming the backstage of Val and Vera’s Valley of Burlesque, Sideshow, and Assorted Mischief while her parents performed to the delight of sold-out houses. But after Val’s death, and an inevitable estrangement from Vera, she’s spent her adulthood staying as far away as possible. When she discovers the Valley is on the verge of bankruptcy, Darcy is drawn back to the place she used to call home. There she finds old friends with problems of their own, a new lover who insists on pushing Darcy’s boundaries, and a mother struggling not to let her down. But will she find what she’s really looking for? This play offers the opportunity for producers to blend theatre, sideshow, magic, and burlesque into a sexy, dangerous drama.

Character Breakdown: 3m, 5f, 1 gender neutral (The script encourages the use of trans and gender-fluid actors.)

Darcy: college lecturer; magic aficionado; daughter to Vera; hates making a scene; female, late 20s

Vera: burlesque performer and venue owner; female; you’d never believe she’s old enough to be Darcy’s mother

May: suspension burlesque artist; identifies as female; of an age with Darcy

King: magician and master of ceremonies; Afr. American, male, of an age with Vera

Simon: human blockhead; swallower of glass and fire; male, older than Darcy; wears his enthusiasm on his sleeve

Wendy: contortionist and sword swallower; female, older than Darcy

Charlotte: burlesque performer; identifies as female; can teach you to twirl your tassels like a beast

Bobby: burlesque performer; identifies as male; can totally explain how to hide your porn on the cloud

Cordy: jack/jill of all trades; burlesque kitten; any gender, any reasonable age; surprisingly fabulous dancer


Developed with Pinky Swear Productions and produced by Pinky Swear in July/August 2015