Winner: 2007 Paula Vogel Award; 2010 Christopher Brian Wolk Award

Produced by Northern Kentucky University as part of the 2007 Year End Series Festival (under former title “The Aaronsville Woman”)

Half a lifetime ago, Eve Beecher, ran away from her hometown of Aaronsville,
escaping an abusive home life and a fraught romantic relationship with her best friend,
Samantha. As an adult—and one of the world’s premiere forensic anthropologists—she
finds herself forced to return, tasked with examining the remains of an ancient skeleton discovered on church property. Eve wants to do her job and escape a second time, but is drawn deep into her own past, helped along by a father desperate for forgiveness and the church’s minister—her one-time love, Samantha. The play draws past and present together, weaving the loving beginning and violent end of Eve and Samantha’s love with Eve’s present-day investigation and her confrontation with her own past.

(2 acts, 2 hours+)

Character Breakdown (4 women, 2 men)

EVE: a woman in her mid-forties; a forensic anthropologist. Her hands and forearms are pink, raw, covered in a fine network of old scars. Her fingers move stiffly and with some pain. She wears black gloves to cover them.

SAM: A woman in her mid-forties; the minister of a small, rural church.

PHILLIP: A man in the beginnings of mid-life; a charming academic.

CHARLES: Eve’s father.

EVIE: A girl of seventeen. Eve in her youth.

SAMANTHA: A girl of seventeen. Sam in her youth.

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