John Lesault (Harry) and Gwen Grastorf (Gwen) starring in the January 2012 reading at Theater J

*This play was commissioned by Theater J as part of its 2011 Locally Grown Festival

Harry has spent his entire life retreating from a society he is unskilled to navigate and immersing himself in his paintings. Gwen, Harry’s latest model, lost the use of her legs as a child. Newly arrived in the city, this is her first attempt to create an autonomous life in what can be a hostile world. From their last meeting to their first, this play tracks the evolution of a surprising friendship between two people who help each other grow beyond what either thought themselves capable of.

Character Breakdown (1 man, 1 woman)

GWEN: around 20; female; an artist’s model and aspiring musician; unable to walk unassisted, she uses a wheelchair

HARRY: mid-to-late 40s; male; a painter; bearded; suffering from what, in future years, might be diagnosed as Asperger’s


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