Produced as part of the 2011 Capital Fringe Festival and the 2011 fallFringe Festival

Sisters Elsie and Abby have led a hard, strange childhood, secreted away in the remote town of Ellery Hollow. Orphaned at a young age, they face a populace that hates and fears them, and the only people that understand or care for them are those few who are even more of an outsider than they are. But Elsie and Abby have learned to cope by translating their lives into a series of tall tales: from their impossible birth to their adoption by the strangest of caretakers, to an eventual confrontation with the Hairy Man of the Forest—a terrible creature with a secret that threatens to destroy their tiny family. (1 act, 60 minutes)

Character Breakdown: (2 women)

ABBY: the older

ELSIE: the younger.

The age of the characters is never specified (save that they are over 13).

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  2. Gail Rothrock


    Wonderful, lovely fantasy which I saw during the Capital Fringe festival – wish I could come today! – Gail

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