Doublewide Rolling World Premiere


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The Welders

The Welders is a DC-based playwrights’ collective whose mission is to establish an evolving, alternative platform for play development and production.

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Walking The City of Silence And Stone

A 9-episode, walking podcast play that takes listeners to a haunted world that exists underneath the skin of Washington, DC.

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Anatomy Of A Play

“Where’d you get the idea for this?” “What inspired this play?” “What provoked you to tell this story?” I’ve been asked this, or a variation, at virtually every reading and production of every play I’ve ever written. You’d think I’d be prepared for it. And you’d think wrong. Inevitably the first time somebody asks about

Theatre Is Not My Friend. It’s My Fuckbuddy: a short scene

A dramatized reenactment of a conversation about redefining the relationship between theatre and audience. The following occurred after a panel on new plays at George Washington University. Three DC theatre professionals stand on a sidewalk outside the theatre at GWU. There has been wine and beer, but not as much as you might think. JESSICA

Ask Not, Etc.

Ask not what the DC theatre community can do for you; ask what you can do for the DC theatre community. Let me explain. In recent months, I’ve found myself part of an ongoing conversation. Sometimes that conversation is framed around the question “How do small theatre companies find and afford space?” Sometimes it’s framed

What Do You Think Of When You Say “Theatre”

In recent months I have found myself mired in the same discussion (or argument, or Twitterfight) over and over again. At its heart are the questions: What is a play, and what is theatre? On the surface, they seem like the sort of academic questions that, given time, you can write a really good, slightly

Dancing Like It’s The End Of The World

Paul Danaceau passed away yesterday morning in his home surrounded by family. Paul was a DC/Baltimore area actor I’ve had the pleasure of working with over the last year developing A Cre@tion Story for Naomi. He was always pleasant and funny and generous with his time and energy. And I think he had fun–I hope