In a country coming out of a long war, there’s a small town: isolated, battered, and on the losing side. Here, courage does not come from the heart, but is picked and processed and sold by the ounce. But this town’s Courage ran out long ago. And now its citizens are being forced to take refugees into their homes–people whose country their soldiers were fighting just a few months ago. Winners and losers–the dead, the living, and the lost–will be forced to overcome their fears. Or let the war begin again. (90 minutes, intermission optional)

Characters (6 men, 12 women) *the gender of these characters can be switched

DOC: the profiteer *

JACK: the displaced bureaucrat *

ANNA: the struggling single mother

JON: the wounded soldier

ALEXA: the girl consumed by anger

GENEVA: the aunt; the caretaker

MICHAEL: the boy searching for a home *

LINA: the girl who just wants to run

CHRIS: the haunted sister

SAM: the dead brother *

AMANDA: the patriot

LILY: the would-be superhero

ELLEN: the girl who’s afraid

LUCUS: the father who made hard choices *

DANICA: the mother under siege *

MARINA: the devoted daughter *

DARCY: the girl who can take care of herself

ARI: the girl in exile *

This script was originally developed with director Jessica Burgess and the students of Imagination Stage’s New Works Perfomance Ensemble.

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