Maddy Lee was born and raised in the bayou. Taught by her aunt to control the spirits of the land, to bend nature and people to her will, Maddy has used this power to survive a brutal childhood with her father, but when she falls in love with Jason, she gives it all up, killing her father and handing over her family’s land to her new love.  Years later, when their love has withered, Maddy is threatened with exile from her new life. To survive, she must travel back to the place she left behind and find the power that she gave up for Jason. But to regain the woman she once was, she must sacrifice the life she and Jason made together—an act that leads to murder and much worse. An adaptation of  Euripedes’ Medea set in the Depression-era South, Maddy Lee asks what a woman is willing to sacrifice to regain her power. (2 acts, 2 hours)

Character Breakdown: (4 women, 4 men, the chorus)

MADDY LEE: Afr.-Am; 17-31; the fallen sorceress

MR. CRONE: white; 50s; the cruel king

JASON: white; 19-33; the strong-backed, bright-eyed, golden boy hero

KING: Afr.-Am; 50s; the iron-hearted father

ABIGAIL: white; 18; the porcelain-skinned town beauty, the pretty princess

UNCLE SAM: Afr.-Am; age indeterminate; the MC, the host of the ball, the             trickster god of the forest

SISSY: Afr.-Am; 30+; the priestess of the bayou, caretaker and mentor.

CHARLOTTE: Afr.-Am; 11; the sheltered daughter, Daddy’s little girl

THE CHORUS: the forest, the trees, the storm, the dead spirits that inhabit the bayou, the live spirits that inhabit the speakeasy, the helping hands that dress and clean Maddy and the terrible shadows that deliver justice at the end.

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