087_Girl in the Red Corner-(ZF-4253-05143-1-087)

When Halo signs up for mixed martial arts lessons, she thinks it might make a good hobby. Her trainer thinks she’s a light-weight. Her mother and sister think it’s just plain weird. Very quickly the lessons she learns in the ring bleed into the rest of her life and Halo finds herself battling against everyone around her. Now as she prepares for her first match, Halo realizes that life inside the cage and outside the cage are disturbingly similar. And that the only way to survive either is to fight.

Produced by The Welders in Fall 2016, Girl In The Red Corner won the Charles MacArthur Award for Outstanding New Play at the 2017 Helen Hayes Awards. 

Character Breakdown: 4f, 1m

Halo: a woman in her late 20s/early 30s; a year or so finished with a dead-end marriage, she’s spent a decade working crap jobs for crap paychecks; she grew up (and still lives) in a world dominated by strip malls, cash-for=gold joints, and roadhouse bars

Brinn: Halo’s big sister; the planner, the fixer; confident in her choices; old enough to have a 12-year old daughter

Gina: a woman in her late 20s/early 30s; Halo’s trainer; recovering addict turned trianer and MMA fighters; not a bit of wasted energy; she has feelings–she’s just not going to show them to you

Terry: Halo and Brinn’s mother; a former rough-and-tumble roadhouse girl; lost a lot of the fire but kept the drinking problem; too many years working the checkout line have worn away some edges and sharpened others (also plays Nancy from Human Resources and Gina’s Opponent)

Warren: Brinn’s husband; married young to his knocked-up girlfriend; honestly trying to do the best for his family and tread water in a busted economy (also plays Kyle, Roadhouse Dude, and Announcer)