Produced by Imagination Stage, April 2010

In the present, a brilliant girl named Lulu is struggling with the sudden death of her brother, which is threatening to tear her family apart. Determined to save her family, Lulu begins looking for a way to eradicate grief forever.

Many years in the future, Lulu’s granddaughter Nyssa is dealing with her grandmother’s recent death. Refusing to take The Shot—the grief cure that her grandmother developed decades earlier—Nessa invites outrage from her family and confusion from her friends.

When these two brilliant girls find a way to communicate across time, they find in each other a kindred spirit grappling with the same problems. But it will take some adventurous friends and the uncovering of long-lost family secrets before either girl has a chance to find peace. And, even then, not everyone is guaranteed a happy ending. (1 act, 70 minutes)

Character Breakdown: (5 men, 7 women) This play was developed through a devised theatre process as part of Imagination Stage’s Speak Out On Stage, Sr. class. The characters were originally performed by students ages 13 to 18. However, age-appropriate casting is always welcome.

LULU: the girl genius

LEE: Lulu’s father

DIANNE: Lulu’s mother

JOEY: Lulu’s teenage brother

ZAK: Lulu’s friend; close friend to her deceased brother, Theo

NESSA: Lulu’s favorite granddaughter

BRYAN: Nessa’s father

MINA: Nessa’s step-sister; twin to Xina

XINA: Nessa’ other step-sister; twin to Mina

JENNIFER: Nessa’s best friend

AARON: Jennifer’s boyfriend

JACKIE: Zak’s adult daughter

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