The Starkey’s version of the American Dream is a modest one: to build a home on their one-acre plot of land, replacing their double wide trailer with something their daughter can eventually inherit. When their aspirations are challenged by forces beyond their control, the family must decide just how far they will go to hold on to them and to each other.

Produced as part of a National New Play Network Rolling World Premiere in 2017-2018 (Florida Rep; Florida Studio; Vermont Stage; Williamston Theatre)

Character Breakdown: 3f, 2m

Big Jim: pushing 40; works in a soda manufacturing plant and has since he was 18. He’s managed to buy an acre of land and a doublewide that he and his family have lived in for most of his marriage. He wants to build a house there someday.

Lorelai: 17; the daughter; a high school junior who has a love for music. A little punk, but not emo. Rougher than that–leather and denim and worn-through band T-shirts, but not afraid to take some advice from Teen Vogue.

Sharon: late 30s; on her feet all day working at Walmart. Went from night staff to stocking shelves to cashier to assistant manager, but she still spends a lot of time working the register. She’s looking for something better.

Coral: 60s; a widowed retiree living off Social Security and her husband’s pension. She spends a lot of her day at the casino playing slots. She’s got a system.

Chuck: 17; Lorelai’s tutor; a high school senior; a medium-sized academic fish in a tiny pond. He’s sincere and smart, but several steps behind Lorelai when it comes to emotional maturity.