Produced as part of the 2008 Capital Fringe Festival

Jane’s family has always been a little different. Her mother was born with wings, her sister can raise the dead (though with a species and weight limit), and her baby brother has memory troubles–he remembers what other people forget. She’s always been the normal one, the shy one, the overlooked one. But when the all-too-common ailments of divorce and cancer threaten to break her family apart, Jane discovers she’s the only one who can keep it together. (1 act, 65 minutes)

Character Breakdown: (can be performed with a minimum of 2 men and 3 women, with the actress playing JANE always playing that character, and that character alone)

JANE: the middle child, born normal

RUTH: the mother, born winged

SISSY: the oldest child, born to raise the dead (<18 lbs.)

MARTIN: the youngest child, born to catch memories

BABY MARTIN: Martin as a baby, born with a mouth on him

BILL: Jane’s father

GRANDMA: Ruth’s mother

GRANDPA: Ruth’s father

FIRST BOYFRIEND: Jane’s first boyfriend

REVEREND: believes baby Ruth is a sign from God

AD WOMAN: believes baby Ruth would look good on signs

DATE: Martin’s date; into abstract sculpture

DIRECTOR: diaper commercial director

JIMMY STEWART: aging movie icon on a U.S.O. tour

FRIEND ONE: Jane’s friend from school, an adolescent boy

FRIEND TWO: Jane’s other friend from school, an adolescent boy

BECKY: Dad’s second wife, likes short skirts

MS. REEDER: Martin’s high school English teacher, needs a drink

ALZHEIMER’S PATIENT: a patient that Martin counsels, female

HER SON: the Alzheimer’s patient’s son

HER SON’S WIFE: the Alzheimer patient’s son’s wife

DOCTOR ONE: doctor that delivers Ruth

NURSE ONE: nurse that faints while delivering Ruth

DOCTOR TWO: doctor that delivers Sunshine

NURSE TWO: nurse that helps deliver Sunshine

DOCTOR THREE: Ruth’s oncologist

SUNSHINE: played by a lighting effect

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