Produced by Zero Hour Theatre as part of the 2010 Capital Fringe Festival

Elderly sisters, Euney and Bea, are hosting a party in their unassuming suburban home.  The only thing the guests have in common is that they all plan to commit suicide before the afternoon is up. When Stanley learns that his ex-girlfriend, Hannah, is attending the party, he infiltrates the group in an attempt to put a halt to the festivities. But when the bodies start piling up, Stanley and Hannah both have to come to terms with why they’re there and what reasons there are to go on living. (2 Acts, 80 minutes, no intermission necessary)

Character Breakdown: (4 women, 2 men)

HANNAH: a young woman in her 20s; not entirely unstylish

BEA: a woman over the hump of middle-age; child-like but not childish

EUNEY: of an age with Bea, but a little older; a caregiver, a planner

STANLEY: a young man of the same age as Hannah; almost perfectly average

CHARLES: pre-middle aged woman; cheerful and energetic, but deeply tired

MISTER NODDY: middle-aged postal worker; not so much antisocial as unsocial

One thought on “7 LESSONS ON SUICIDE

  • September 29, 2015 at 3:34 pm

    We live in a senior community and would like to acquire plays for seniors ( to read them).
    How can we go about getting some of them, specially comedies, and what that would entitle?


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