GIRL IN THE RED CORNER Wins Outstanding Original Play, Outstanding Choreography At 2017 Helen Hayes Awards


Much of Monday night is a blur. Whatever I said onstage is definitely a blur. Video exists, and at some point I’ll watch it. But I’d like to live under the illusion that I didn’t babble for a while longer. This show was not so much a labor of love as an act of faith. Faith that I could go from concept to a production-ready script in less than a year. Faith in my fellow Welders to have my back the entire way. Faith in Amber McGinnis to direct this thing within an inch of its life. And faith that a story like this would resonate–that there was something about a woman learning what it takes to walk into a cage (into many, varying cages) and fight. Turns out I placed my faith in the right people. And while this was by no means an easy process–the rewriting process was the hardest, most stressful of my life–I loved every minute of it.

So…what’s next?