GIRL IN THE RED CORNER Nominated For Charles MacArthur Award For Outstanding New Play

203_Girl in the Red Corner-(ZF-4253-05143-1-203)On Monday night as the Helen Hayes Award nominations were announced I learned that not only was GIRL IN THE RED CORNER nominated for the Charles MacArthur Award For Outstanding New Play, but that everyone else nominated in that category were DC playwrights–Gwydion Suilebhan, Audrey Cephaly, the Happenstance Theatre crew, and a co-writers of YOU OR WHATEVER I CAN GET at Flying V Theatre. What a great group to be part of!

Our fight director, Cliff Williams, was also nominated for Best Choreography! He was a fantastic collaborator and an integral part of a process that I write about in detail in an upcoming issue of Fight Master magazine–the Society of American Fight Directors industry magazine. So if you’re a fight director and want to learn how we recreated the violence and fluidity of MMA on stage, check it out.

For those on the New Play Exchange, the full script of GIRL IN THE RED CORNER is available at And if you’re not on NPX, shoot me an email.