Melissa Marie Hmelnicky (of SISTERS OF ELLERY HOLLOW, WE TIRESIAS, and upcoming PIECES OF STRANGE and THE LAST BURLESQUE fame) is turning 30.

tumblr_inline_mpf08lrlUP1qz4rgpWe’re all very excited around here.

funny-happy-birthday-animated-imageShe could have decided to stay home and eat cake alone in her apartment.

tumblr_inline_nm3ow2BPrB1rtr2xyWhich would have made at least one feline happy.

ThebdcakebyYankeeBut would have been kind of lonely.

cat-birthdayInstead, she decided to go out and invite everyone to join her.

tumblr_inline_noo8wytGWS1qgxuo8_500At the Fringe Bar! Which means Jessie and I can walk there!

73644-avengers-happy-birthday-gif-Im-mtw6And stumble home

tumblr_mrtxcy3RgZ1rf964mo1_500So, I wish Melissa the best of birthdays

tumblr_m803uoggQw1qdqlhzo2_r1_500Which I’m pretty sure would look something like this